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H28 Elite Football Academy
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 Who we are?

H28 EFA is a dedicated football training and education centre unparalleled in Australia.

Our total focus is football and working with young aspiring footballers U6-U16 to reach their potential. Our coaches have the highest Australian and European Licences and are 100% dedicated to coaching, training and educating players to a world class standard based on the most up to date European curriculum.

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Based on World Standards

Based on best practice we deliver a holistic approach to player development including physical, technical, psychological and social aspects of the game.

The main focus of H28s coaching curriculum is to develop Technique and Skill under game level intensity to create a match like environment. Throughout all sessions players will be challenged and stretched to maximise their own performance.

Each outfield session has a maximum of 8 players and a maximum of 6 players for Goal Keeping sessions. Small group sessions in a defined area produce the maximum ball touches under the highest level of competitive pressure.

Our Programs

Our programs allow players to constantly practice and use repetition as a development tool to aid their technical level and then test it in an opposed situation. Taking these skills back to their club environment should see marked improvement to their whole game. Our Coaches can improve you in both outfield and goalkeeping, as well as specific football conditioning



What sets us apart?

H28 EFA is dedicated to delivering football training and education at the world standard with coaches who have worked at the highest professional level.

Training in just a game environment doesn’t allow for the building blocks of technique and skill development. Most top players around the world use constant repetition practice as part of their overall training plan.

Young aspiring footballers must be aware of and have mastered the fundamental skills of advanced technical ball manipulation, skill execution, defending and attacking in their formative teenage years. It is not enough to have excellent technique; a player must know when, where and how to utilise these techniques on the football pitch to set them apart from other players.

Football clubs, scouts are constantly on the lookout for quality players. A quality player knows what to do with the ball and when to do it and as importantly what to do without the ball. These skills are not intuitive they must be learned and practiced.

Player Development and Reporting

H28 coaches will provide all players with a formal reporting system that supports their ongoing performance across the H28 curriculum for player development. Video analysis and sessions on interactive technology will support further development. 

Our Coaches

Our coaches have the highest Australian and European Licences.


Dean Simpkins


Goal Keeping

Jamie Young

Jason Kearton

Phil Zabaks